1693 - Live at Bellingham

by C A L E V

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"1693 - Live at Bellingham" is the live, acoustic recording of the Official Calev Launch performance at the picturesque Bellingham Homestead in the Franschoek valley in South Africa. Recorded on August 29, 2016.

Calev performs the songs of their debut release "Break The Silence", pulling all their musical stops!

Hi-Resolution Mastering in 24-bit 48 kHz


released February 27, 2017

Recorded Live on August 29, 2016 by Konstand Spies (www.sababasoundstudios.com)


Helmut Meijer (vocals, keys)
Sven Blumer (guitars)
Lukas de Beer (bass)
Iwan Kemp (percussion, drums)
Renate Riedemann (violin, vocals)

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Helmut Meijer (www.helmutmeijer.com)

(C) 2017 StoneBear & Mayor Records



all rights reserved


C A L E V Cape Town, South Africa

CALEV is a Cape Town-based Alternative Pop project of Award-winning South African Producer/Composer Helmut Meijer.

CALEV is Helmut Meijer (vocals, keys), Sven Blumer (guitars), Lukas de Beer (bass) and Iwan Kemp (drums)

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Track Name: Hear You Breathing (Live)
I know you’re barely breathing
I know you think I’ve changed
Let me in and I’ll let you see my ways
Be careful you just might want to stay

You’ll say darling, darling
Oh darling, darling
Darling, darling
You’ll beg darling, darling

Hide me in the streets until the morning comes
Let me rest my head up against your chest
Let me hear you breathing (x2)

Time heals most anything
Swaying on the verge of sanity
We are facing all of these sane walls
You want to run but you wont hide

Till I hear you breathing

Let me hear you breathing

Wanna Hear You Breathing
Track Name: Strong (Live)
Eleven days, not many ways
It shouldn’t take us longer
We’re stuck in our ways, everyone
It’s allright, I think we’ll make it

I’m just as strong
Just as strong
I’m just as strong
As the day that we left there

Don’t know how we made it this way
We left not seeing beyond the fray
Never meant to be whom I was the first day
I think we made it here to stay
Track Name: Fragile (Live)
If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one
Drying in the colour of the evening sun
Tomorrow's rain will wash the stains away
But something in our minds will always stay

Perhaps this final act was meant
To clinch a lifetime's argument
That nothing comes from violence
And nothing ever could
For all those born beneath an angry star
Lest we forget how fragile we are

On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are (x2)
Track Name: Pot of Gold (Live)
When you're expecting someone to love you
And to hold you and say they’ll never leave you

To fight the fight inside of you
To know you’re not alone
You have to wait until it rains,
To say that

I want my pot of gold
That you find after the rainbow
Where life is kind and I am on your shoulder
Everybody wants a somebody
And somebody wants a someone
I want that too (oooh) x 2

When your heart’s drifting, like seasons are shifting
Winds of changes whirl, but dreamers keep persisting

You shun the war inside of you
You fight until you’re through
But you have to wait until it rains
To say that..

I want that to be you (oooh) x 2
Track Name: Just a Girl (Live)
She turns around, she smiles
And then she turns back
She’s all that you’ve ever desired
But when she leaves,
Your heart forgets to play back
The question is why her?

You watch her walk away, and then it hits you
She was an ocean
And you, you were very wrong
Cause you let her go..

Thinking she was just a girl, whoa-whoa
She was just a girl, but you you walked away
Thinking she was just a girl, whoa-whoa
She was just a girl, in for only the swirl (x 2)

From time to time I wind the film way back
She’s all that I’ve ever desired
This sadly comes to mind only in play back
The pictures remain blurred

I watched her walk away, and now it hits me
She was an ocean
And I, I am very wrong
Cause I let her go..
Track Name: Nomad (Live)
We are wanderers, ever wondering
We are pilgrims of the night
We come here empty, we leave with nothing
But we lose so easily, even without a fight

Oooh, oooh
We don’t belong here, belong here
Oooh, oooh

Nomad your time has come
To put your heart in place
To leave your hiding place (x2)
No one sees your world the way you do
Track Name: Seventh Time (Live)
There she goes again
I wonder if she’ll call and when
But until then
I vow to never break it and call her again

Goodbye for the seventh time
I’m not the nice guy
Who couldn’t keep the distance
Oh goodbye, oh-oh
This is my outcry
In spite of love’s insistence

So she calls again
Expel it all and ask her when
If she’d want to get together
Pretend to stand, we fall, better sooner than never?

We see the years go by
We see our hearts comply
In the name of love trapped like a venus fly
We try to break away
We tested every way
In the name of love we don’t know how to say...
Track Name: In The Silence (Live)
By the side of the way I lay my head down
There in the night I let my guard down
This dream goes on and on and on...

Top of the stairs into the dark skies
Up and down they walk until the sunrise
This time it’s one on one

From where are the noise
And whose are the voices?

You’re not in the wind that tears the hills
You’re not in the quake that shakes the ground
You’re not in the fire
You are in the silence, the silence

Oh-Oh... x 8

Bells are ringing,
I walk inside, I wanna join in the singing
But there is no one that I know